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Your source for OPC I/O Servers, Testsets & Protocol
Analyzers. Imperious Technology is the first in the
industry to offer OPC Servers with built-in Testset
and Protocol Analyzer capabilities.
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Modbus OPC Serial Server

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Smart I/O Servers - Master and Slave

An I/O server is a software which controls and monitors one or more PLCs /RTU's using various communication protocols.

Our I/O servers are built on highly optimized Windows 32bit platform. They are capable of handling vary large scale SCADA systems with minimal impact on CPU usage, resulting in effective timing and usage of available hardware.



EZ-OPC Scrpting - Client IDE and Client Dynamic HTML

EZ-OPC Client tool takes complexity out of OPC. You can connect with any OPC Data Servers using vbscript, jscript, VB, and .NET. Comes with Integrated Development Environment (VBScript and JScript Editing).




An OPC HTML Client tool created to support open standard for easy control and monitoring via OPC connectivity.
Ask us about a free copy. Some restrictions may apply.



Smart Protocol Analyzer

Smart Protocol Analyzer test set translates protocols into plain English. It can decode industrial protocols (like Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII etc.) and any other SCADA industrial protocol which is transmitted over serial link (RS485, RS422, RS232), dial up modem, radio modem, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, PPP and CDPD. The Analyzer is your guide in the SCADA communication domain. It eavesdrops on the communication between SCADA Master and Slave, deciphers the data, and displays it in a legible manner.